Andrew Radford.

Andrew Radford – A photography friend, of mine. Volunteered to help me with photo-shoot that i had not tried before. This involved me using the use of Gels in the studio and quite a bit of editing. Here are the results.

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Studio Photography session with Stefan Ferrol

I done a studio shoot with this man here Stefan Ferrol, He was a great model, and he was helping me with a project light and shadow. With the use of 1 light, and 2 others at times.

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Autumn In Skatepark

Music In the Skatepark

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A photo in Oxford Street.

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The Romford Cult.

I wanted to take photos of friends of mine who are into Punk/skinhead Kinda era. And they managed to help me with a shoot. It was fun shoot to do.

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Helen’s Photoshoot

Helen was helping me with a project i was doing for a street fashion project. She was a good model and in this very cold weather the colours and vibrance work perfectly in combination with each off.

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Brick Lane Visit #2

I took a photo of a mate of mine Andrew Radford whilst he was taking a photos of the location of Londons Brick lane. The other 2 are random Street promoters promoting there vintage shop Blitz.

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A Family Photoshoot – Children.

These are 2 photos that i took whilst doing a shoot for the Spry Family, I really like these photos as it shows a nice relationship with a brother and sister at a young age.

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Rhea Nathan #2

Ive also taken portraits shots of the model Rhea Nathan And these are edited but i really like them The Top one is my favorite. Hope you agree with me. Let me know what you think.

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Rhea Nathan Photoshoot. #1

Here Are Some landscape Photos Ive taken in the studio that i have Edited. Im Really proud of this shoot because it is properly the best shoot Ive done personally with someone Ive never met before. She was a great model and a pleasure to shoot. I very much happy with the results.

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Studio Work.

Here are some photos ive taken in the studio With a white Backdrop, using 3 lights here are a Few…

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A visit To Bricklane.

I went on a little visit to Bricklane and i wanted to do a self project of People in london, Street Fashion, and Cults.

This involved me taking photos of random People that i thought suited this criteria, documenting life around and about.

Here are two Students sitting down on the streets of brick lane having a Roll up and letting the day go by.

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Vintage Fashion Fair. Primrose Hill.

During September/October I visited a vintage fashion fair. I was asked to take photos for the woman that worked there as she needed a photo for ‘TIMEOUT LONDON’ Magazine website.

I was not expected anything much out of this but just gone 3 weeks later this photo was on the ‘TIMEOUT LONDON’ website.

Timeout london Magazine Website photo.

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